Nickel Plated Hinge, 1 1/16" Open, 30" long

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Looking for a short length of hinge that's ready to install and ?Ì_«Ì_ÇÌ_è Ì_ÌÇ_Ì_ǁթÌ_ÌÇ_Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì__comes with the mounting screws??Ì_«Ì_ÇÌ_è Ì_ÌÇ_Ì_ǁթÌ_ÌÇ_Ì_Ì_́Ì__Ì__

This nickel plated hinge comes with pre-drilled and countersunk holes, finished ends, and even includes the mounting screws! It's practically gift-wrapped. You can still cut this hinge to length with a bandsaw or even a metal shear, but it's mostly ready to go.